POWER OF LOVE – นิโคล เทริโอ「Official MV」

🎬 Music Video เพลง POWER OF LOVE – นิโคล เทริโอ
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/—————— LYRICS ——————/
Countless roads that I crossed.
Countless faces I have met.
And still I didn’t know.
How powerful love could be. Until…
I looked inside of me.
All that we need, is to love.
And if we all can see, feel, believe.
That Jesus ’s in the midst.
Love is unity, brings unity, by unity.
If we just believe. Release and be free.
Live, Love together, by his Word.
That is, The power of love.
For the love, we have for others.
It’s the candle light that shines for ever.
That brings the light of Christ to our world.
ซ้ำ C1
Live, Love together, by his Word.
That is, The power of love.

::: CREDIT :::
Executive Producer: Fr.Anucha Chaiyadej
Producer: Soh ETC.
Lyrics: Fr joseph Anucha Chaiyadej Fr Richard Lagos (Philippines) Nicole Angelique Theriault
Melody: Fr joseph Anucha Chaiyadej
Arranged by Soh ETC., Koh Mr.Saxman
Drum: Sompop Praesangeiam
Bass: Wichudej Netsin
Guitar: Puttikorn Wittayarat
Keyboard: Soh ETC. Saxophone: Koh Mr.Saxman

::: Recording ::: 91 passport Studio Thailand

::: Mixed and mastered ::: Pongpitan Tuwatchai

::: Vocal ::: นิโคล เทริโอ

::: Chorus ::: บาทหลวงอนุชา, โซ่ ETC., หนุ่ม, ไก่, และ สถาบันธิดาพระราชินีมาเรีย (DQM)

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